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What Does The Podcast Doctor DO?

Now that you are interested in starting a podcast, What all does The Podcast Doctor actually DO?

Podcast Doctor's Skills

This is a list of what The Podcast Doctor can do for your podcast


If you live in the central Florida Area, The Podcast Doctor can come to you and record your podcast. Or you can come to us


The Podcast Doctor minimalizes editing time by giving you a completed and fully produced podcast by the time you leave the studio. IF there are edits that is needed, They will be done in a timely manner


After your podcast has been edited, it's now time to place the podcast on all the platforms. The Doctor will place your podcast on all the podcst platforms so your voice can be heard. (APPLE, GOOGLE, SPOTIFY and more)


The Podcast Doctor is a seasoned Vet when it comes to podcasting. By having a podcast coach, you are never alone on your podcast journey.

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