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What Does The Podcast Doctor DO?

Now that you are interested in starting a podcast, What all does The Podcast Doctor actually DO?

Podcast Doctor's Skills

Explore the Comprehensive Services of The Podcast Doctor


  • Visit our studio or we can come to you. 

  • Record multiple episodes within a 4–5-hour window. Or just 1.

  • Take advantage of our professional recording setup.


  • The Podcast Doctor minimalizes editing time by giving you a completed and fully produced podcast by the time you leave the studio. IF there are edits that is needed, They will be done in a timely manner

Podcast Outlet Creation and Distribution

  • Initial creation and setup of podcast outlets.

  • Distribution of your episodes to ensure broad reach.

YouTube Shorts / Facebook Reels

  • Enhance your podcast with engaging visual content.

  • Elevate your online presence with captivating video clips.

Podcast Website

  • Establish a central hub for your podcast content.

  • Provide your listeners with a seamless, user-friendly experience.

  • Available for a full year to maintain a strong online presence.

Social Media Content

  • Amplify your podcast's reach on social media.

  • Receive engaging blog posts and creative social media posts.


  • The Podcast Doctor is a seasoned Vet when it comes to podcasting. By having a podcast coach, you are never alone on your podcast journey.

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