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About The Podcast Doctor

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Phil Byrd, better known as "The Podcast Doctor," has always been a lover of entertainment. As a child, his stuttering problem made him the butt of many jokes, but speech therapy helped him discover the magic of radio and audio recording. Determined to make a career in the entertainment industry, Phil practiced his skills and worked hard to improve his speech. He dabbled in music and explored the world of AV, eventually enrolling in broadcasting school and landing an internship at Real Radio 104.1.


But Phil's journey wasn't easy. After his internship ended, he struggled to find work in the field. It wasn't until he met Kevin Sutton and Mayra Uribe at a Christmas party that he was given the chance to join the Kevin Sutton Show on IheartRadio and ESPN Orlando. While working on the show, Phil also started his own company, The Podcast Doctor, to help small businesses create and manage their own podcasts.


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Phil saw an opportunity to expand his services and offer full-service podcast production to all podcasters. He calls it "escaping Podcast Purgatory," and it's a testament to his dedication to helping others find their voice and share it with the world. With his extensive experience and expertise, Phil Byrd is a leading authority in the world of podcasting, and he's always ready to lend a helping hand.

Accomplishments and Credentials

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-Connecticut School of Broadcasting

Graduated in 2013. Immediately after completing school, Phil got his internship at Real Radio 104.1 on the most popular show


-Monsters In The Morning

Immediately upon starting, Phil created the "Intern Podcast" which became the most popular online show at the station within a week.

After his Internship ended, Phil found a home with the sports station "740 The Game" 

-The Kevin Sutton Show

The show was already a success but the show had never had a podcast. Once Phil helped implement the podcast for the show, the show's popularity skyrocketed. The Kevin Sutton Show was even featured on Good Morning America.

The Kevin Sutton show's popularity kept rising, so the show decided to move to the bigger.

-ESPN Orlando

Phil's role with the station and show only grew while he learned from trial and error on what works and what doesn't in the podcasting world.

From editing to voiceover work. Mobile recording to podcast distribution, Phil has done it all in the radio broadcasting and podcast world. Now he has taken his talents and wants to share it with the world. Phil sees the way podcasts are headed and believes his knowledge and skills can help create a better podcasting world!

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