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Why Podcast?


  1. A digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.


The benefits of podcasting.

The podcasting world has given you a new way to reach your audience. People are hooked on listening to podcasts as it’s an easy way to absorb information with little effort.

Still debating on whether or not you should start a podcast? Have a quick read through these benefits and we’ll see if you’ve changed your mind.

Build a personal connection.

It’s different building a connection through written content than visual or audio. Sure, you could read a bunch of blogs and comment on each one saying how useful they were but that ‘connection’ probably isn’t there. Mainly because all you’re doing is reading.

With a podcast, you would be able to open up to  more. Your listeners would hear your voice every week. There would be running jokes and themes and it all builds a more personal relationship.

 Open up to your viewers and listeners so you can build a relationship with them and in the long run, you’d sell more products because of how loyal they are to you.

A voice can engage an audience much better than words on a page can. That voice builds trust and it’s trust that eventually sells a product or service.

It’s convenient.

With podcasting, you don’t need to worry about your audience being so busy they can’t listen and provide value. The great thing about podcasting is listeners can download episodes and replay it whenever they choose. Jogging, driving, working, relaxing - whatever the situation, listeners can consume a podcast episode with no effort.

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