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 Learn from an industry professional who can teach you the tools to succeed. 

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Editing services available to those who need a helping hand.


It's like candy for your ears. 

Graphic Design and Animation

 For those who need a custom podcast logo, graphics or animated cartoons. 

TPD will make your podcast pop!

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 From coaching, editing, distribution, mobile recording, social media and graphic design.

Just talk, and TPD will take care of the rest!


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 Using The Podcast Doctor can help you perfect the podcast game. TPD offers complete automation for those who just want to talk. Let him do the rest!


I took advantage of his services! They aren't expensive at all! This guy is legit and he doesn't want to rob anyone of their money. When I started  he told me "I know podcasting is a grassroots thing and people don't have a lot of money to throw around..." he put the time in to get where he is and he knows what he is talking about

Brandon Bates