Some Podcasting Tips

Some advice for new podcasters or people struggling with theirs.

I've been in the podcast game since 2011, it even got me a job for ESPN at one point so I've seen it all. I'm very experienced in the world of broadcasting and podcasts so I'll be straight up with you.

1. Have a topic that is different than everyone else's. If you just do news or sports or just talking with your friends about movie,, no one will listen because comedy and sports are the most saturated markets out there ( Check the lists)

2. Make sure your audio is top notch. People have an attention span of 15 seconds or less so if your audio is bad they will immediately cut it off.

3. Summarize your shows content within the first minute. Esp if your show is not live. Say what you're going to discuss very early to keep the listener interested.

4. I've noticed for years that joining podcast groups used to help, but 95% of posts in all the groups I'm in are just people spamming links to their shows. (Which no one clicks)

5. If you do happen to share on groups, engage the members with thoughtful conversation and feedback which drive interest in yours.

6. Facebook now will suppress any posts that promote "bait" or low quality content. Such as "listen here, or like this or share this, click the link" any of that talk they will suppress your posts along with links.

7. Be a guest on other people's podcasts. That's one of the most organic ways to build your audience because if they like what you're saying, then they will follow.

8. Podcasting has changed a lot since 2011 and now major corporations are getting into it "IHEARTRADIO " and we dont have the money to compete with these businesses. A lot of the really popular podcasts out there are from people who have an audience already like comedians. So it's very tough. Follow these rules and hopefully it will work for you.

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