One Does Not Simply Start A Podcast 

I know this is a common meme, but it rings true on so many levels. 🎙ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY "START" A PODCAST 🎙 What I mean by this is: To start a podcast and for it to become successful, is not an easy feat. You do not simply get a microphone and start talking. It takes hardwork, dedication, and sacrifice. There is a process you need to do before even talking on the microphone. You need to have a gameplan. Before even purchasing any equipment ask yourself these questions: 1. Why do I want to start a podcast? 2. What should my podcast be about? 3. Who is my audience that i am aiming for 4. When will I record? (How often) 5. How will I reach target audience 6. How long will my show be? 7. Am I trying to make money podcasting? 8. Most importantly: Am I having fun? Ask yourself those questions before purchasing any equipment and if you can answer those questions, then you're ready! I would absolutely love to be your podcast coach and help you grow not only as a show, but as a brand. Let's have some fun🥳 Schedule a FREE consultation with me so we can discuss what your podcast needs are and how I can help. With my coaching, we can knock out these questions and have you starting ahead of the curve.


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