New to Podcasting? Want a Better Podcast?

Are you interested in starting a podcast? Or do you already have a podcast and would like to “liven it up”. Well, The Podcast Doctor is here to help record/ edit/promote/produce YOUR podcast. That’s right, The Podcast Doctor can help you take your current product to the next level by offering coaching, editing, distribution, sound effects, and much more! The Podcast Doctor can even get your podcast on the major services such as  iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, even IheartRadio!(Plus many many more directories) TPD can manage all of your files and of course include keywords so they will be easier to find on the web! Speaking of web, if you have a website, TPD can even connect your podcast to your webpage to make it look clean and nice and easier for people to follow. And what better way to make your podcast better by utilizing social media to hear your show!


Coaching: Does your podcast need some help? TPD can coach and guide your show in the right direction with industry professional advice

EDIT: Edit . your podcast to sound perfect. Adding sound effects and theme music to create that authentic sound. Take away any unwanted audio, and create even levels for that perfect listening quality

Produce: Add your podcast to your webpage and I will even write a blog for each episode. I will include popular SEO terms and keywords to get your podcast heard by the masses. I can even make professional radio spots/DJ Drops/Stingers for your show to make it sound even more professional.

Promote: Add your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, Iheartradio. Plus many other directories. I can get your podcast heard on the web using social media to help post/admin/share create a buzz for your show. (Facebook and Twitter)


Refer to the plans section of the page where everything is displayed

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