Does This Happen To You?

🎙How many of you are like this when it comes to editing?🎙

No shame in it. Not everyone has the technical knowledge or time to do their own editing. It frees up time to focus on other avenues such as marketing your podcast.

Plus, having a separate non bias opinion of your show can also help your show grow as well. So if you're able to do it financially, go for it. (Editing isn't cheap)

But don't let people put you down for asking for an editor because they do it themselves. I've seen a lot of people get chewed out because they would like someone else to edit their shows, and they feel attacked then they stop posting in the groups. If you're that person that does that to people, seriously chill it's not needed. People know they can do it themselves but choose not to.

I offer editing at an affordable rate, so if you're curious, schedule a free consultation so we can see what your podcast needs


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